Welcome to Mulberry Square Condominiums

This is the official website of a great condominium community.  Located in Bloomfield Hills off Square Lake Road, just east of Woodward Avenue.  This community offers 81 units with each unit facing a beautiful, wooded courtyard and a clubhouse and pool.


Dear Co-owners:

The Mulberry Square website is up and running, you do NOT need to log in to access information! This includes the Master Deed and By-laws, Rules and Regulations, Policies, Community Calendar, Photos, Newsletters, Forms and Alerts.  Most everything is available under the link “printable documents”.  Once there, click the small triangle to see the drop-down list.

If AMI doesn’t have your email, please send me a note at mulberry@amicondos.com so that in the event we send email blasts, you will receive it.


Paula Granowicz
Community Manager

Mulberry Square Condominiums – information from the Board

Welcome to our new residents


Mulberry Square Condominiums

Windows Washing announcement

All Common Areas – Wednesday, October 12th  

Window washing will be on Wednesday, October 12 for common area windows for each building and the clubhouse.

Contact G&S Window Washing directly to arrange for personal window washing and payment.  The number is:   248.593.8277.  The cost is $85 for inside and outside window cleaning and $80 for outside only.

Report any issues to Association Management, Inc. (ami) at kterrell@amicondos.com.  Thank you!

Pool Use Guidelines

  • There is no lifeguard on duty - swim at your own risk.
  • Pool is open from sunrise to sunset. (Memorial Day weekend to mid-September)
  • Emergency Phone (on Clubhouse Deck) is for emergency purposes only -

DIAL “911”. (No incoming calls or non-emergency calls.)

  • Please report any serious incidents or injuries without delay to our management company AMI (586)731-6001. Report pool equipment malfunction to AMI.
  • Clubhouse Red Door Code: 2014 for  restrooms/showers. No entry from deck. Codes may change for security. Pool wireless network: Clubhouse Passcode: 2377mulb
  • Courtyard gate is for EXIT ONLY. Please enter the pool area only from the main street-side gate. Shower facilities are in the basement of the Clubhouse & foot shower is inside main pool gate.
    • No glass of any kind permitted in the pool area (plastic ONLY for beverages, please.) Tidy up after yourself; close umbrellas.
    • Pool depth is 3 ft to 5 ft only - NO diving at any time.
      • All visitors & children under age 14 in the pool area must be accompanied by a responsible adult Co-Owner or adult relative authorized by Co- Owner. Children under 4 yrs. MUST have appropriate diapers. You will be charged back for soiling the pool.
      • Key required for entrance & exit from pool area. Securely close gates after each use. (If you need a key, contact a board member. Replacement key $5.)
      • Return all chairs to tables, CLOSE umbrellas & clean tables before leaving the pool area. Umbrellas remain with tables – do NOT relocate.
      • Noise carries – please be considerate of your neighbors and strictly preserve everyone’s right to the “quiet, peaceable enjoyment” of Mulberry.
      • Please respond to any notices posted on pool gates. Pool area may be closed without notice due to cleaning, repairs or maintenance.

Clubhouse rental information/calendar is available inside Clubhouse. Please note the pool may NOT be used as part of clubhouse rental event – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Road project update - posted 7/25/2022

July 25, 2022

Mulberry Co-Owners:

I want to bring everyone up to date on the roadway project. Many co-owners are upset with the slow progress of our project. We have received many inquiries and some barbed comments from you. Know, your Board of Directors and I are also disappointed in the immense amount of time it is taking to get a permit to start the project. Once the Township’s approval is obtained, we will proceed with getting the financing in order and retaining a contractor. We still hope to get the project completed this year, but time is passing quickly.

As it stands right now Bloomfield Township referred our application for a design review to the Oakland County Water Resources Commission. The purpose is to deal with the storm water runoff from our asphalt parking areas. Our current plans add about 5,500 square feet of asphalt or about an additional 14%. Our engineers have dealt with this by adding an underground retention area to the north end of our property.

Know the association owns the undeveloped triangle of property immediately north of the Building 10 carports.  The storm drains will run into an underground retention area before running into the current storm drain. The engineers at the Oakland County Water Resources Commission are requesting us to make boring tests in this area to determine the water retention. This is currently being done.

When these tests are reviewed by our engineers and the county engineers for adequacy of our design, the matter will be sent to the full Commission. Hopefully we will get a favorable result and the Commission’s approval. Then the matter will go back to Bloomfield Township for further consideration by its engineers and the Township’s Design Review Board.

I trust this adequately lets you know of the status of the project. Your Board of Directors intends to press on with the process of obtaining the necessary permits and getting a new roadway and carports in place.

Paul W. Loock


Mulberry Square Apartments Condominium Association


To submit a work order please click the following link to be taken to AMI’s new website work order submission page: https://amicondos.com/work-order-request/

If a unit calls a contractor directly, expect for the owner/unit to be billed directly and obligated to pay services. Only in rare exceptions (like an active, burst pipe, etc.) will the association reimburse) when an owner calls directly and initiates service.

Contact AMI promptly with your contact info and nature of maintenance concern.” -AMI & Board of Directors


  • Trash of any kind may not be left in the hallways.
  • Please take it to the dumpster.
  • Nothing may be left on the GROUND at the dumpster.
  • Violators will be assessed a $100 impact fee for disregarding previous warnings and exposing neighbors to unsightly and unsanitary conditions to common areas.
Be advised that all balconies must be cleared of snow as it accumulates.  A shovel is available in each hallway and must be returned after use.

Residents should reread the Mulberry 'Homeowner Security Reminders" in printable docs. Always lock your car, and remove valuables from sight. 

Please check the website regularly – for timely info and Road Project updates!

Direct email to AMI at:   mulberry@amicondos.com

Reminder: - to minimize plumbing issues between units, only flush tissue.  Should there be a back-up or damages, you could be responsible.

Also, please place personal items off the floor in the basement so it isn't ruined in the event of a sewer back up.


A Word About Trash…

Trash & recyclables are picked up Tuesday and may only be placed curbside Monday evening - NEVER before. If it’s a holiday week that includes a Monday or Tuesday, adjust one day later for curbside pickup. REMEMBER: the current trash storage is temporary, and will change as the Road Project gets underway. In the meantime the goal is to keep all trash for curbside pick-up in bins (no bags on the ground for critters) or the red dumpster at clubhouse.

  • All curbside trash must be in your plastic bags and placed in GREEN, BLACK or SILVER bins. Instead of filling cans in carports, take your bagged garbage to the clubhouse dumpster except or set in bins at curbside on trash day. (If additional trash or recycling bins are needed, please call AMI to have Kevin O’Brien place more out for your entrance.)
  • All Recycling goes in the large BLUE bins. Check township guidelines for recycling items: http://www.bloomfieldtwp.org/Services/SolidWaste/PDF/RecycleFlyer.pdf Recycling should be in CLEAR plastic bags and/or inside the BLUE bins (otherwise, it will not be picked up with recycling. Please breakdown boxes for recycling – Place cardboard in the BLUE bins.
  • Keep the trash bins tidy and refrain from placing any perishables (potentially smelly or leaky items, animal waste, etc.) in bins - take it directly to the dumpster near clubhouse. 
  • Please assist by placing bins neatly back in carports after GFL pick. (Thank you to those who assist – and any able bodied person can help, too!
  • If the RED dumpster is full, DO NOT leave anything on pavement or around the dumpster; call AMI at (800) 821-8800 or call GFL Environmental (844) 464-3587 to request an extra pick up.
  • Large, bulky items like appliances? Place it curbside ONLY at same times and normal location for pick up. There is no charge, but you must call to notify GFL - (844) 464-3587.    NEVER place any large items on the pavement “near” the dumpster…see above, or expect to be charged-back for the extra handling.
  • If you hire a contractor for in unit repairs, make sure they haul away the discarded items off-site – NO contractor waste in the Mulberry Dumpster (or be prepared for your account to be charged).
  • Keep making Mulberry a great place to live by helping to keep it neat & tidy.


Mulberry Square Condominium Association
2022 - 2023 Board of Directors & Important Contact Information 

  • Paul Loock   President           
  • Sara Elmesin  Treasurer
  • Lynne Duffey  Secretary
  • Carol Czechowski    Director     
  • Dan Stevens     Director
  • New-Website  mulberrysquarecondos.com (check for current info & updates)
  • AMI-Association Management, Inc. (586) 739-6001  mulberry@amicondos.com
  • Call AMI for account questions, work orders or to report concerns. AMI phone number is available 24/7 – but only maintenance emergencies are addressed after business hours; please address normal items 9-5 pm, M-F)
  • Paula Granowicz Property Manager      pgranowicz@amicondos.com  
  • Kelly Terrell                  Property Assistant       kterrell@amicondos.com
  • AMI Office:   47200 Van Dyke Ave., Shelby Twp., MI 48317   
  • Payments Lockbox: P.O. Box 98204, Phoenix, AZ  85038   
  • Insurance Certificates: email at:  certificates@mig-ins.com
  • GFL Environmental:  (844) 464-3587 or (888) 877-4996 (For trash/recycling & large item pick up, to arrange renovation disposal, etc.)