Road project update - posted 6/22/2022

BIG DUMPSTER available for your convenience 
– Plan on getting rid of any unwanted “accumulation” in your unit or basement. June 7 – June 20 as we will have a large green trash receptacle north of clubhouse.

Dumpster Days 2022

June 6 to June 20 (or until full) – North of Clubhouse

Exclusively for Mulberry Residents to dispose of “CLUTTER”

➢ Bulk Dumpster available for Mulberry residents ONLY –rid your basement of accumulation! This is for household accumulation (broken furniture, clutter, etc.; ABSOLUTELY NO CONTRACTOR USE!)


➢ Load items as far back in dumpster as possible & stack to top of dumpster - Let’s get rid of as much as possible! ABSOLUTELY nothing left on the pavement, please.


➢ NO hazardous materials, paint or chemicals; Furniture/working appliances may be donated to Furniture Bank of Oakland Co., Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity, etc.


➢ If you need assistance carting your dumpster contributions, contact our maintenance pro Kevin O’Brien to assist(Email AMI at kterrell@amicondos.com to leave your name, address & phone number to schedule Kevin’s help on Mondays & Wednesdays.)


➢ Mulberry residents ONLY – ABSOLUTELY no contractor or home renovation disposal – as always, make your own arrangements and make sure your contractors dispose off-site.

 ➢ Nothing on the pavement – in the dumpster only, please!


Carpet cleaning for hallways and stairs will be on October 4-5 (posted 9/7/21)
Lawn fertilizing and grub control spraying will be done on Friday, August 6, 2021 (weather permitting) posted 8/2/21
Pool opening announcement and guidelines (posted 5/21/2021)

Pool opening guidelines 2021.PDF

Roadway update (posted 3/25/2021)

Road project update March 25_2021.pdf

BIG DUMPSTER available for your convenience – Plan on getting rid of any unwanted “accumulation” in your unit or basement. June 7 – June 21 as we will have a large green trash receptacle north of clubhouse.

Lawn fertilizing and weed control application being done on June 17th, weather permitting.  (posted on 6/16/21)
Tree spraying and soil injections are slated for 6/21-22, weather permitting (posted on 6/17/21)

Tree and shrub spraying (fertilizing) will be done on Thursday, May 13, 2020 (posted May 12, 2021)

Lawn Fertilization will be applied on Friday, April 30, 2021 (posted on 4/28/21)

Subject line: Earth Day Celebration! 🌍  (posted 4/20/2021)
Mulberry Square residents:
In celebration of Earth Day 🌍 this Thursday, April 22, we are going to be cleaning up the property by picking up various trash that can be found outside. We encourage all of you (and especially your kids) to participate in this socially-distanced event that highlights the importance of keeping our Earth clean and healthy. 
Please meet with Betsy Loock behind the clubhouse at 4:00 PM to receive plastic gloves and a trash bag. In accordance with Michigan safety ordinances, we ask that participants please wear masks and maintain physical distancing.   
Other things you can do to celebrate Earth Day: 
Reduce your carbon footprint by turning off lights and unplugging electronics when not in use 
Use less paper (products) and recycle when you are done
Be conscious of how much water you are using - a running faucet can use 1-3 gallons of water per minute
Avoid using plastics by utilizing reusable water bottles
Plant a container garden with some bee-friendly flowers

Shrub and tree spraying and fertilizing will take place April 19, 2021 weather pending (posted 4/16/2021)
Shrub and tree spraying (
dormant oil) will take place April 2-3 weather pending (posted 3/31/2021)

The Road project is moving forward!  The Association paid for permits and we are waiting to hear back from the Township on approval of the plans.  An engineering firm has also been retained for their services in managing the project.  Next, the Board will be working with a Bank for a loan.  We’ve made great progress and that’s the update for now. (posted 2/5/2021)

This is a friendly reminder that if you have an upper balcony, you are asked to remove the snow ASAP.  The extra weight can compromise the integrity of the rods which are attached to the building and ultimately cause structural damage.  (posted 2/16/21)

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.




Dear Residents:

This it to notify you that the mailboxes were apparently tampered with last night and mail was stolen. 

It is my understanding that that the Bloomfield Township Police Department were called and visited the complex today. Also, the post office was advised. The postal delivery person confirmed that the empty boxes were open with flags raised. The postmaster was so advised. 

You might want to stop payment on any checks that may have been in your mailbox.
Paula G.

Lawn fertilizing will take place on Monday, November 2nd. (posted on 10/29/2020)

Mulberry Square Condominiums

Street Sweeping – Thursday, November 5 (rescheduled)– Entire Property

Weather Permitting – the roadways of Mulberry Sq will be cleaned during the day. Please only park in designated parking spaces carports or visitor parking.

  • Carports will be blown out – to eliminate leaves, dirt & debris. Please move your car if you wish, to avoid the messy process of cleaning up for spring.

Windows–All Common Areas –Friday, November 6th

  • If you would like your individual unit windows cleaned on this day, please leave your name, unit number and phone number on the bottom of this form. Make your own arrangements with a neighbor if you are not available.  G & S Window Washing will ring your intercom when they are in the community. The cost priced on site if you would like individual unit cleaned.

  • Contact G&S Window Washing directly to arrange for personal window washing and payment.  The number is:   248.593.8277, ask for Holly.

  • Report any problems to AMI at (800) 821-8800 or email mulberry@amicondos.com

September 1, 2020 - Pool closes at sundown on Monday, September 7, 2020.  
2020Mulberry Pool Rules.Guidelines.Release.pdf

July 28, 2020 - IMPORTANT NOTICE
Please be advised that residents have reported that outgoing and incoming checks have gone missing from the mailboxes.  Until new mailboxes are installed (with the road project), you might want to take caution in leaving important mail in the current mailbox system so mail from the post office or a secured postal drop box.
August 10, 2020
Lawn Fertilizing will be applied on Friday, August 14, 2020

March 27, 2020

Dear Residents of Mulberry Square:

Together, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation with COVID-19. In the past few weeks, things have moved very quickly, and this pandemic is affecting our community, our families and our very way of life. For over a week, non-essential workers have been encouraged to socially distance, and now the State of Michigan has ordered (https://www.michigan.gov/whitmer/0,9309,7-387-90499_90705-522626--,00.html)residents to “Stay at Home, Stay Safe” – which means our multi-family units a Mulberry Square Condominium Association.

What does that mean for us? We know many of our residents live alone and are among the age group that is most vulnerable to this insidious virus. They, like us, are no doubt very concerned as to how they can cope and deal with the everyday needs of existence. This message is intended to encourage you to protect yourself in the current situation and to seek qualified sources to be able to take care of ourselves. In addition to reading this notice, check our website:  www.mulberrysquarecondos.com for additional or updated information.

As a community, your Board hopes that all Mulberry residents resist the temptation to be completely solitary and instead find ways to keep in touch with one another by phone, email or FaceTime. Most importantly, keeping open the lines of communication would help to ensure that you and your neighbors have no pressing essential needs and that everything is ‘OK’. Simply knowing you are being thought of would help during these trying times. Guests & family members providing tasks “necessary to the health and safety of themselves or others” and “maintaining the safety, sanitation and basic needs of their residences” are allowed. Otherwise, remember, other “visitors” are not only a violation of “Stay in Place”, they expose your neighbors in our multi-family community. Our goal is to keep ourselves, our essential service providers & our neighbors safe and healthy.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the State of Michigan orders and FAQ’s at https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/ for current information and resources.
  • Many grocery store and area restaurants offer food delivery to your doorstep. Most pharmacies now offer drive-through pick-up for medications.
  • The Bloomfield Township  (https://www.bloomfieldtwp.org/Living-in-Bloomfield/COVID-19-Coronavirus.aspx) and Oakland County (https://www.oakgov.com/health/information/covid-19/Pages/default.aspx) websites offer excellent sources of information on the Covid-19 virus. Also, Bloomfield Township Senior Services Center offers daily delivered meals free-of-charge for citizens over age 60 and may be able to assist with errands and can be contacted at (248) 723-3500. If you need to confirm symptoms, the Oakland County On-Call Nurse is available at (800) 848-5533.

As the doctors and nurses are posting on FaceBook, “You stay home so we can go to work for you!” What does this mean for Mulberry Square – other than washing your hands and not touching your face? Well, as we continue to “Stay in Place” at least until April 13, it means:

  • Sanitizing your environment, including the common hallways, door handles, & handrails. (If you didn’t wipe it down, assume the surface hasn’t been sanitized. Wearing disposable gloves may be necessary if going up or down stairs.) Only you can take precautions for yourself!
  • Practicing physical distancing from other residents. (As you know, at least 6 feet is the distance. It’s tough, but necessary – we have some wonderful neighbors!)
  • Only Essential, Emergency repairs in buildings or units will be performed. For the health & safety of our residents and our service providers, service vendors will only be able to complete emergency work orders.  A non-complete list of repairs that may be performed include:

*Active water leak           *Both toilets inoperable                               *Water backing up in basement

* No hot water                  *Frozen pipes                                    *Beeping smoke detectors

*Unable to secure/lock entryway                                              *Police wellness checks

- All other non-emergency repairs will be recorded and accomplished when safe to do so. You may need to leave a voice message, if you call, but you can also email our property manager pgranowicz@amicondos.com or submit via our website www.mulberrysquarecondos.com .

  • Minimize your time in common areas (hallway) as you run essential errands. Use spray aerosol sanitizer as necessary (air, surfaces) being aware that it may make tile surfaces slick.
  • Follow the Trash & Recycling Guidelines – please review the attached  trash guidelines (also at: http://mulberrysquarecondos.com/documents.aspx). Now, more than ever, no one should have to touch YOUR trash. Only place trash in curbside bins on trash day. NOTHING in basement utility rooms, ever! Not in hallways! If you have bagged trash in advance of trash day, please take it to the red dumpster at clubhouse (which will be emptied on Tuesdays and Fridays). Nothing on the ground. This is nothing new, please read and FOLLOW the guidelines. Recycling may be placed in the BLUE bins anytime (because it is ALWAYS rinsed and dry and never stinky) but trash is NEVER ok to place in stored bins - only bins at curbside on trash day. Thank you for your attention to this most troublesome challenge that requires all of us to be tidy.
  • Maintenance Fees – Continue making your assessments by the due dates. While this is a difficult time, we must still stand together and understand that monthly association dues are still accounted for. If you are going to be late (given the circumstances) please communicate your situation in writing to the Board prior to the due date. Email to pgranowicz@amicondos.com or accounting@amicondos.com to arrange a payment accommodation, per our long-standing policy.

Now as you are aware, the Board and your neighbors are NOT health experts, and we are all navigating our way through a new “virus world” while responding to Executive Orders and remaining good neighbors. Please be aware that some service providers, as a result of the “Stay in Place” orders, are not able to attend to Mulberry. Most significantly, our biweekly cleaning crew will NOT be on site. This means our halls will not be vacuumed until this situation changes. Already we have spring cleaning services scheduled (steam cleaning carpets, window cleaning, etc.) in May, but we need to work together to get through the next few weeks.

Lastly, your calls and inquiries are important to us. Please understand that AMI Condos, Inc. are working remotely, per the “Stay-in-Place” directives. Know that your calls to AMI are recorded and forwarded to the Property Manager. Understanding this is imperfect, but it ensures your message will get through.

Most sincerely,

Board of Directors – Mickey Blashfield, Paul Loock, Eralda Caushaj

Paula Granowicz, Property Manager pgranowicz@amicondos.com  n (800) 821-8800